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1972 His Way

Here are some songs from around 1972 as performed by "His Way".

The material has been salvaged from a cassette and is in mono.The quality is not great.

"His Way" was formed from members of the young people's group at Basingstoke Baptist Church (later to be Basingstoke Community Church). John Burton got us all together and his enthusiasm was an inspiration. Raleigh McKenzie was really musical director - he also wrote many of the songs and sang and played with us.

His Way were... Allison Martin, Andy Kenward, Anne Woods, Dale Robotham, Hazel Evans, Kevin Floyd and Margie Evans on vocals, John Burton on piano, Herb Payne on guitar and Martin Wells on bass...

Martin and I eventually had to leave The Amen in order to concentrate on His Way - sorry Richard!

His Way were invited out on numerous occasions - I think we were quite busy. We did a lot of gigs but, as Raleigh pointed out, if we knew what a gig was we wouldn't use the term. (I still don't understand that!) We even made it to the Isle of Wight for a festival (not THE festival) and appeared on Dutch television, travelling to Hilversum to record the show. We travelled and shared the show with the 11:59 band who we had begun to know about this time.

His Way got together in a partial form for Martin's 40th birthday at the end of 1990 - here are some pictures...