Ann King (1848 - )
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Ann King
Ann King George William Payne
b. 1848 at Galhampton, Somerset
m. 06 Aug 1871 George William Payne (1843 - 1908) at Wincanton Baptist Chapel
Events in Ann King (1848 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1848 Ann King was born Galhampton, Somerset
07 Jan 1849 1 Christening North Cadbury
06 Aug 1871 23 Married George William Payne (aged 27) Wincanton Baptist Chapel
abt 1872 24 Birth of son William George Payne Castle Cary, Someret
abt 1873 25 Birth of daughter Harriet Mary Payne Castle Cary, Someret
abt 1874 26 Birth of son Harry James Payne Castle Cary, Someret
14 May 1875 27 Birth of daughter Beatrice Alma Payne Castle Cary, Someret
23 Jan 1879 31 Birth of son James Herbert Payne Castle Cary, Someret
03 Feb 1881 33 Birth of daughter Pamela Emma Payne Castle Cary, Someret
25 Jan 1883 35 Birth of daughter Mary Bertha Payne
28 Oct 1885 37 Birth of daughter Lilian Emma Payne
abt 1887 39 Birth of son George Abraham Payne Castle Cary, Somerset
abt 1888 40 Birth of daughter Bessie Anne Payne
abt 1890 42 Birth of son Richard Payne
abt 1908 60 Death of husband George William Payne (aged 65)
20 Mar 1942 94 Death of son James Herbert Payne (aged 63) Newbury
1980 132 Death of daughter Pamela Emma Payne (aged 99) Alveston
Personal Notes:
Jean Yarwood writes "My grandmother Pam, who I called Nanny, used to tell me stories about her mother Ann, who was apparently quite a character. Once she managed to upset the local witch in Castle Cary who put a curse on her. That night despite all the windows and doors being shut and bolted, the chimney blocked and one of Nanny's brothers guarding the door with a shotgun, the witches' cats managed to get into the house and tried to smother Ann as she slept. However, she managed to fight off the weight on her chest and face and shouted " Get off you Buggers", with which her son ran into the room and the cats fled. Nanny always maintained that it was only her mothers physical strength and also her strength of character that kept her alive that night. This is a famous family story, however Nanny firmly believed all of it!! "That was true my dear.""

Lived at Galhampton at time of marriage.

Was probably illiterate.... 'X' on marriage certificate.