Caleb Payne (1835 - 1911)
Jane Pitman Emily Payne Anne Elizabeth Payne Samuel Payne Albert Edward Payne Clara Payne Elizabeth Payne Ernest Harry Payne Arthur Payne Alice Louisa Payne Caleb Payne Husband of 657 Wife of 656 Wife of Caleb Payne
Caleb Payne
Caleb Payne Jane Pitman
b. abt 1835
m. Jane Pitman (1838 - 1917)
d. 05 Dec 1911 at Babcary, Somerset aged 76
Events in Caleb Payne (1835 - 1911)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
Butcher Babcary, Somerset
abt 1835 Caleb Payne was born
13 Aug 1858 23 Birth of daughter Emily Payne Babcary, Somerset
abt 1866 31 Birth of daughter Anne Elizabeth Payne Babcary, Somerset
23 Mar 1867 32 Birth of son Samuel Payne Babcary, Somerset
12 Dec 1868 33 Birth of son Albert Edward Payne Babcary, Somerset
08 Apr 1870 35 Birth of daughter Clara Payne Babcary, Somerset
abt 1872 37 Birth of daughter Elizabeth Payne Babcary, Somerset
08 Jan 1873 38 Birth of son Ernest Harry Payne Babcary, Somerset
14 Jan 1876 41 Birth of son Arthur Payne Babcary, Somerset
29 Jun 1879 44 Birth of daughter Alice Louisa Payne Babcary, Somerset
1881 46 Death of father Caleb Payne (aged 76) Langport, Somerset
05 Dec 1911 76 Caleb Payne died Babcary, Somerset
Burial Holy Cross, Babcary
Personal Notes:
Death of Mr Caleb Payne - His many friends will hear with deep regret of the death of Mr Payne, which took place at his residence on Tuesday after a somewhat lingering illness. Mr Payne, who was about 76 years of age, had lived in this village nearly the whole of his life, and for a number of years carried on a butcher's business, but retired from business about 6 years ago.