Jack PAYNE (1919 - 1998)
Plumber, Heating Engineer
Olive Joyce Herbert James Herbert Payne George William Payne William Payne Harriet "Payne" Ann King James King Mary "King" Alice Elizabeth Golledge Harry Golledge Samuel Golledge Mary Ann Travers Emily Payne Caleb Payne Jane Pitman
Jack PAYNE Olive Joyce Herbert
b. 26 Nov 1919 at 4 Arthur Road, Newbury, Berks
m. 31 Mar 1948 Olive Joyce Herbert (1920 - 2010) at Northbrook St Methodist, Newbury, Berks
d. 05 Feb 1998 at Newbury, Berks aged 78
Events in Jack PAYNE (1919 - 1998)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
Plumber, Heating Engineer Newbury, Berkshire
26 Nov 1919 Jack PAYNE was born 4 Arthur Road, Newbury, Berks
20 Mar 1942 22 Death of father James Herbert Payne (aged 63) Newbury
15 Aug 1945 25 Death of mother Alice Elizabeth Golledge (aged 62) Oxford Hospital
31 Mar 1948 28 Married Olive Joyce Herbert (aged 27) Northbrook St Methodist, Newbury, Berks
05 Feb 1998 78 Jack PAYNE died Newbury, Berks
Burial Shaw Cemetry, Newbury
Personal Notes:
Kind and gentle. A good father and family man. Always had a project on the go at home, for friends and family and down the church. Happy to help with chores like the dishes. Would cook occasionally. A keen member of the Boy Scouts when he was a lad. Plumber's apprentice when war broke out. Joined the RAF. Worked on Spitfire engines laterly in India. Ended the war as a Corproal. Self employed plumber after the war often working in conjunction with his brother Alec, a carpenter. Payne Bros, Builders had a workshop in a yard between Bartholomew St and ??? St in Newbury accessible via an entrance adjacent to The Catherine Wheel pub. Sought more security after suffering from sciatica and joined Redfire Boilers. Became frustrated upon retirement and, so, worked part-time for plumbers in Thatcham. Enjoyed walking. Wore a flat cap and liked a stick. Enjoyed hunting for bird's nests in season. Didn't smoke or drink. Enjoyed simple, plain "english" food. Played the piano and the piano accordion. Would sing parts in hymns and loved bass.